Which Type of Sink is Right For My Kitchen?

Remodeling? Have you given much thought to what kind of sink will mesh best with your project? Whether you are putting the finishing touches on your kitchen or looking to upgrade, the right sink can make a bold statement!

Farm House Sink

A farm house sink is a large, double basin sink usually made out of porcelain. Recently, farm house styled kitchens have become increasingly popular. Farm house sinks boast ample space for dishes and food preparation, which is why they are preferred by many foodies. This type of sink is beautiful and a staple piece within a kitchen!

Single Bowl Sink

A single bowl sink is similar to a farmhouse sink in that it has a large and deep basin, but it is not great for multiple tasks at a time. Fruit or dishes can be washed in bulk because of the depth. They are great for kitchens with limited counter space because the sink is integrated into the counter. This type of sink will give your kitchen a elegant and classic look about it.

Undermount Sink

Just as the name suggests, an undermount sink is mounted below the counters surface. This saves space and gives the sink a bit more depth, which is great for keeping water controlled. These sinks can be stainless steel or porcelain but whatever material they are made of, these sinks are sleek and beautiful!

Sink Placement

Once you have picked out the perfect sink for your kitchen, you have to give some thought to where you are going to put it. Placement of a sink is very important for optimizing usable space. Here are some placement options for your beautiful new sink:

Island Placement

Having your sink on your island gives you much more counter top space for appliances, but takes away from the space you have on your island. Island placement is great for entertaining and interacting with your guests as you prepare a meal.

Corner Placement

Although corner placement is seldom chosen for placement of a sink, it does have it's perks. Placing your sink in the corner confines it to one space and gives your kitchen a more organized look. Corner placement is nice for families who do a lot of dishes, because you can put a drying rack or drainboard in the back.

Open Air Placement

Placing your sink where there is a break in your upper cabinets is ideal. Typically , there would be a window or decoration in the opening. This location is desired for a sink because water cannot splash and damage your cabinets. This placement will form a classic look for your kitchen.