Kitchen Storage Options

Looking for a new and improved way to organize your kitchen? Look no further! Here are 15 storage options to optimize your kitchen storage space.

Do you want a more organized kitchen? Are you thinking of ways you can do this without compromising your kitchens' beauty? We've got you covered. There is a world of options that you may not of known even existed! These storage options are all available with KraftMaid Cabinetry. Keep reading to find out some storage options that might be right for your kitchen!

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KraftMaid Storage Options


Deluxe Dovetailed Roll-Out Trays

This pull-out option is great for reaching the things you put all the way in the back of the cabinet! They are continent and provide easy access to the kitchen items you only use once a year. This feature also comes with a soft close option.

Spice Drawer Insert Kit

If you are an avid cook or just beginning to collect your personal arsenal of spices, these inserts are perfect for you! They provide an organized and hassle-free way of quickly accessing your spices!

Chopping Block Kit

Chopping blocks are convenient in the kitchen and great for not ruining your nice counter tops, but they can be annoying to store. This kit is an awesome solution to your storage problem. It's sleek design and sneaky storage will save counter top space!

Tiered Combination Drawer

If you're a neat freak, this combination drawer is perfect for you! It allots a space for all of your essential kitchen utensils. Your drawers will remain organized and tidy.

K-Cup Organizer Drawer

Are you a coffee lover? This K-cup organizer is perfect for keeping all your favorite flavors coordinated. It fits snugly into any drawer and provides easy access to your morning energy source!

Base Cookware Storage Roll-out

If your pots and pans cabinet is a mess, look no further! This roll-out pots and pans storage will save you time when looking for a specific lid for your pot. It's convenient and provides it's user with a sleek and attractive design.

Base Blind Corner with Chrome Swing-Outs

These corner swing-outs are perfect for accessing your rarely used kitchen items. Providing a large amount of storage space, they leave your counter tops less cluttered and organize your kitchen items.

Corner Drawers

Keeping your usable space to a maximum, these corner drawers are perfect for light storage. Their curved design makes it possible to have storage space in an otherwise unused area, without compromising style!

Floating Shelves

These shelves come in 48" and 60". They are perfect for showcasing your fancy drink ware, or storing your kitchen appliances up so they don't clutter your counter tops.

Shallow Integrated Utility Cleaning Cabinet

Need a place to stash your brooms? This utility closet is just what you're looking for! It provides easy access to your most used cleaning supplies.... or your least! Either way, this utility closet is a great use of space!

Tall Pantry Pull-out

Do you want a pantry but don't want to sacrifice your kitchens' look? This pull-out pantry is a great option! It is integrated into your cabinetry and doesn't take away from the beauty of your kitchen. No more reaching into the abyss of your pantry, this one slides out giving you full view of everything in it!

Base Double Wastebasket

If you live with kids or like to recycle, this double wastebasket option could be perfect for your home! The baskets slip in and out making it easy to remove trash. They boast a cabinet front so no one will ever know it's there.... unless you tell them of course!

Roll-Out Tray Organizer

This roll-out organizer is perfect if you keep a lot of dry food in the house! The canisters are great for cereal, dry beans, noodles and more! You can also get this option without the canisters.

Appliance Garage

Have you been looking for a way to hide your appliances without taking away from your kitchens natural beauty? Well here is your solution, an appliance garage! This shifting cabinet will rise when you need to access your appliance and remain shut when you don't. Discrete and stylish all in one package!

Sink Base Roll-Out Trays

Don't know what to do about all that unused air space under your kitchen sink? This sink base roll-out solves that problem! It provides you with tiered shelving that roll out when you need to access different things! Pretty neat, huh?
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