Kitchen Islands: Which Type Would Look Best in My Kitchen?

Today's topic is, quite literally, the center of the kitchen: Islands. Should you have an island in your kitchen? The answer to this question depends on a few factors:

- How much space you have in your kitchen

- Do you like the look of a kitchen island?

- Does your kitchen need a bit more strorage?

After you have thought about all of these questions, read the rest of this article to decide whether or not your kitchen needs an island!

There are many types of islands out there, but which one is right for your kitchen? Lets find out!

The first type of island we are going to look at is a waterfall island. This type of island is usually a statement piece for your kitchen. The granite falls over the side of the main base of the island and cascades to the floor, mimicking a waterfall! A waterfall island is a beautiful choice. As all islands do, they provide more storage space for you kitchen and add a bit of flair, but, they are usually quite large and may take up too much space if you have a small amount of it. None the less, waterfall islands are great for adding elegance to a kitchen!
The next type of island is an overhang island. These islands make for a pleasant looking sitting area on the non-kitchen side of them! As the name suggests, they hang a small amount over the base cabinets. You can put bar stools, benches, or decorative chairs under the overhang to give your kitchen a cozy feel! These islands are great for families and people who love to entertain. You can cook and engage in conversation at the same time! Having this type of island also depends on how much space you have in your kitchen, but they are a great touch in an entertainer's humble abode!
A U-shaped island is definitely a statement piece for a kitchen! They are large and prove to hold a lot of storage space! These islands are great for bakers, who always have their baking tools close, or party entertainers who have large gatherings and a houseful of people to feed! The large surface area of U-shaped islands maximizes cooking space, while still looking very elegant! Because of how enormous these islands are, your space will limit how big or even if you can have one of these islands in your kitchen.
Picture via: HomeDesignLover
Lastly, movable islands! This type of island is great for people who wish to optimize their space in the kitchen. These islands are usually small and compact, providing storage space that you can MOVE! When you need more space in your kitchen, you can move the island to wherever is most convenient! The only downside could be if you are putting granite on the top, they could be more heavy to move. There are alternatives to this such as wood or lighter materials!
Image Via: HGTV


Whatever type of island you choose, we are sure it will look great in your space! Remember: If you want to maximize your storage space and have enough room in your kitchen, one of the larger islands would be a great choice for you! If your space is limited, but you still want an island, a movable island is a great compromise! Kitchen islands are great to gather around and a fun addition to your kitchen! Choose your island wisely, then take a look at one of our other posts about where to place your kitchen sink located here:

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Happy Remodeling!