Kitchen Colors

You've heard about upgrading your wardrobe, how about doing the same thing to your kitchen? Add a bold color. Mix some neutral colors to create a timeless look. A fresh coat of paint may be just what you need to upgrade your kitchen! The sky is the limit when picking your perfect color. In this blog post, we will give you some color combination ideas. Whether you want to brighten up your kitchen with yellow hues or keep it subtle with the perfect shade of gray, we've got the inspiration you need to get started!


Strike out dull colors and add a POP to your kitchen! Use tones of yellow and turquoise to add personality to your space. Mid Continent Cabinetry makes it easy to pick your custom cabinet color with their "custom finish" option.


Yellow is a happy and inviting color, resembling nature and giving everyone a reason to smile! Adding yellow hues into your kitchen will not only give that WOW effect, but create a place worth gathering!


Turquoise is not a color for the weak! This vibrant color is bold, daring and eye-catching. Creating a sea-looking effect, turquoise kitchen cabinets are a statement for the ages!

Do Modern

Following its sleek and chic roots, modern design trends continue to dominate in any century. The functionality and strong line patterns that go along with this style are sure to keep your kitchen looking fresh and sophisticated. Use neutral tones, like greys and whites, for maximal modern ambiance.


Although minimalistic, adding tones of gray creates the sophisticated look your kitchen needs! Gray matches with a bunch of other earth toned colors and is perfect for creating a timeless look that never gets old!


White is an all around safe and easy color to use for your kitchen cabinets! The striking and classic color is sure to never go out of style. White embodies what it means to be modern!

Create Timeless

Timeless style is essential and never goes out of style! In today's fast paced world, timeless colors are a breath of fresh air. They show poise and elegance, all in one. Use colors like brown and slight off-white to create the timeless beauty you're looking for!


Off-white is slightly darker than regular white. This color never goes out of style and is essential to your timeless kitchen look!


Brown and espresso colors have been popular for quite some time and they are here to stay! The dark brown color of espresso gives off that timeless elegance your kitchen needs.