Coelum Construction has partnered with JSI Cabinetry to bring you unparalleled custom cabinetry JSI started as a small cabinet company, whom now has roots in 4 states. Their motto is "To provide affordable fashion for today's home", and that they do, featuring all wood cabinets, made without particleboard. Without compromising quality, JSI builds lavish cabinetry that stands the test of time. Choose from their variety of styles, colors, paints and stains to make your dream kitchen come alive! JSI is your one-stop shop for affordable, beautifully crafted cabinetry.

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JSI Storage Options

JSI offers a plethora of storage options that bring your kitchen functionality and style! Spice racks, tray dividers, trash bin pull-outs and tilt-out trays are among some of the features you can add to your cabinet selection. Wall and base-filler pull outs are also an option to optimize space and integrate smart design ideas!

Tilt-Out Tray
-You know that sponge you're tired of looking at? A tilt-out tray can fix all your problems! It's a smart way to organize and hide the unappealing utensils.

Trash Pull-Out Bin
- A great option to help hide the trash and keep your guests from smelling it. This pull-out comes with two slots, so recycling is a breeze!

Wall and Base Filler Pull-Out
- Wall and base fillers are so plain. JSI has found a way to make them useful and stylish. A spice rack is hidden within one; How amazing!