If your backsplash needs a modern update, or if you are building a whole new kitchen/ bathroom that needs some pleasant-looking, colorful tiles, look no further. Coelum Construction has partnered with Elysium Tiles to give you the widest selection of decorative tiles in the business.

Your home is a blank canvas, you are the creator. It is up to you to create a beautiful work of art. Elysium's selection of mosaic tiles are all you need to sculpt your dream kitchen or bathroom! Elysium carries porcelain, ceramic and mosaic tiles so that every style is catered to. Select mosaics are even pool rated and can also be placed in a swimming pool. Grout and other installation materials are also available for purchase. Elysium Tiles is your one stop shop for everything tile!

Backsplash and shower tiles take up much less surface area than your flooring. This means you are free to have fun with the design. Create a beautiful pattern or add a pop of color. Think about your dream kitchen and image it with a pop of your favorite color or a unique pattern that only you can think up as your backsplash! How about a crazy texture or an accent wall? With over 600 mosaics to choose from, you won't have to settle! Elysium Tiles give you the freedom to pick out the color, texture, shape or pattern that represents you. Coelum Construction will help you find the right mosaic to fit your personality.

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If you are redoing your shower, Elysium Tiles offers a myriad of durable mosaics. Our design experts here at Coelum Construction will help you choose and arrange your shower tiles to your liking. Imagine a contemporary look with blue and white mosaic tiles or a fresh and welcoming daisy design.